woensdag, 01 juni 2016 19:21

Curtis Eller joins Brandy Alexander

Great News. New York angriest yodeling banjo player teams up with Brandy Alexander Recordings. BAR will release his latest record "How to make it in Hollywood" on August 11th this side of the Atlantic. Curtis Eller's American Circus will tour the UK, Belgium and Holland this summer. Stay tuned for more news, dates, songs and releaseparty info.

This brutish and inelegant rock & roll outfit, led by banjo player and songwriter Curtis Eller, has spent the past year sharpening their skills in the beer halls, burlesque houses and underground theaters of the Carolina Piedmont. They specialize in banjo music for funerals, gospel tunes for atheists and novelty dance fads for amputees. A lavish, Hollywood, dance sequence unfolding on the floor of a Chicago meatpacking plant in 1894.

Eller's banjo-driven songs describe a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one. Past recordings have seen a ghastly parade of historical luminaries, from Abraham Lincoln and Buster Keaton to Amelia Earhart and Joe Louis, sharing the spotlight with a host of Civil War generals and corrupt 19th century politicians.

The latest phonographic recording, "How to Make It in Hollywood" is a compact collection of glittery show tunes, sentimental tear-jerkers and jagged rock & roll rave-ups whose lyrics are populated by two-bit prize fighters, Hollywood has-beens, lapsed gospel singers and forgotten pop-stars. Lace up your dancing shoes!

(Photo by Alex Maness)
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