dinsdag, 15 december 2015 18:41

Mark Lenover album incl. original etching

A special edition of Mark Lenover's album "The Trail's Gone Cold" is currently for sale!

For only 30€ you can buy the album including the original etching (25cm / 25cm) from artist Jaco Putker.

They're extremely limited and there are only 10 available!
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-- December offer only --

Mark Lenover's beautiful album "The Trail's Gone Cold" will be released on December 18th. You can order it now on cd and no delivery-cost will be added if you're living in The Netherlands. So no extra charge upon the €12,50!!!

The mp3 version of the album costs 10€ and will include Jaco Putker's beautiful artwork. People who buy the mp3 album will get it a week earlier!


Please mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. for orders
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woensdag, 28 oktober 2015 12:53

Mark Lenover album out in December

Mark Lenover's compilation album "The Trail's gone cold", featuring 12 old(er) as well as new tracks, will be released through Brandy Alexander Recordings on December 18th.

New tracks will be added to the site, our facebook and our youtubechannel in the coming weeks. More news and special prices for pre-orders coming soon. Don't miss out on this wonderful album.

Artwork for Mark's album is done by Brandy alexander's Jaco Putker. Make sure to check out his awesome etchings and other work at www.jacoputker.org
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woensdag, 10 juni 2015 09:40

Mark Lenover joins Brandy Alexander

Mark Lenover (b. Sept. 21, 1984) is a Canadian singer/songwriter/visual artist who has independently produced and released eight full length albums and three Eps. Mark's music has featured in the Hollywoodproduction "The Banshee Chapter" featuring Katia Winter (Dexter) and Ted Levine (The silence of the lambs).
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dinsdag, 17 februari 2015 15:47

Mark Lenover

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