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donderdag, 31 maart 2016 20:39

Wake up as a spider

St. Polaroid
maandag, 16 november 2015 23:04

The Bullfight

  1. Blue (0:39)
  2. Jenny's Got a Gun (3:06)
  3. Gladly, Willingly (3:50)
  4. The Cold Case of Irina Lukashenko (3:33)
  5. Man in the Morning (3:24)
  6. La Chasse (2:10)
  7. Don't Be Afraid (1:02)
  8. Astonishing Blue (3:55)
  9. Ice Queen (2:02)
  10. The Storm Behind Our Smiles (5:06)
  11. Your Problem (2:48)
  12. The Death of Martin van Dongen (1:42)
  13. This Villages' Lonely Pastor (3:25)
maandag, 16 november 2015 22:59


zaterdag, 21 februari 2015 12:23

Jenny's got a gun

The Bullfight
zaterdag, 21 februari 2015 01:26

The Bullfight releases new record

May 30th, the Bullfight will put out their new record La Chasse through Brandy Alexander Recordings / Sonic Rendezvous. The record will be available on iTunes, vinyl (brandy01) and cd (Brandy 02). These are the first official releases for Brandy Alexander Recordings. The record will be available in the appstore, your local record store and at gigs.
vrijdag, 20 februari 2015 19:51


For general info we can be reached through the e-mail as stated below. Demoes can be sent to the address below this message. Before a demo is being sent, please be aware of the type of label that is BAR. We are not dance, funk or metal oriented. Not that we don’t appreciate these kinds of music, but we simply don’t have experience working within these musical styles. BAR recordings operates in dark pop music and solemn art.

Sent material will not be send back and contact will only be initiated when we see a connection between the material and BAR Recordings.


Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.
KvK: 62859439
BTWnr.: 854987071B01
Bank: NL63 ABNA 0490 0804 80


Schouteneinde 51
Puttershoek, Nederland

vrijdag, 20 februari 2015 19:42

Don't be afraid

The Bullfight
vrijdag, 20 februari 2015 19:39

Oprichting BAR Recordings

Na een lange periode van voorbereiding is Brandy Alexander Recordings nu officieel een platenlabel. Onze eerste release zal The Bullfight's nieuwe album "La Chasse" zijn op vinyl (brandy01) en cd (brandy02). Distributie zal verzorgd worden door Sonic Rendezvous (Benelux) en Radar Music (DL).
vrijdag, 20 februari 2015 17:53

The Storm Behind Our Smiles

The Bullfight
The Bullfight, previously with LVR Records & Tocado Records, is the first act tos sign with BAR Recordings. In spring, their new album la chasse will be put out through BAR Recordings.
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